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Regulations on the European Forex market surprised traders and brokers.

The latest restrictive regulations on the European Forex market surprised many traders and Forex Brokers. The changes resulted from the introduction of the

Armenian PM is against slot machines

Though the gaming industry is growing in Armenia, the current Prime Minister Nikol Pashinián said slot machines installed and operating at filling gas

NOVOMATIC: Providing important stimulus for Austria’s economy

Economic researchers determine substantial economic effects through NOVOMATIC at regional level. The company thus makes a significant contribution to the

Betcity ranked as the biggest bookmaker in Russia

Russian bookmaker Betcity was ranked on the 495th place in the list of the largest companies of the Russian Federation, thus becoming a part of the TOP-500

The Football Federation of Ukraine issues warning notice to bookmakers

The Football Federation of Ukraine makes a lot of efforts to minimize the impact of gambling on football and fair play. Approximately 30 clubs and judges

Lukasz Kieza bookmaking license

Poland – Some companies took the license procedure not too seriously

Not so long ago, a year passed since the beginning of the fight and blocking of illegal bookmakers operating in Poland, which changed the industry and

Ukraine to impose tax on cryptocurrencies

Members of Ukrainian Parliament plan to increase the state budget revenues at the expense of crypto-currencies, although the official status of digital

E-PLAY Magazine

The next E-PLAY Magazine is already online

Dear readers, this time to keep a stable publishing rhythm, we show the next issue of E-PLAY Magazine no. 9/2018 in the online version.

Licensed online sports wagering thrives in Poland

Poland’s Ministry of Finance has published its annual review of the country’s regulated gambling market for 2017. According to the report, the overall

Kaliningrad to double taxes for bookmakers

Representatives of the regional Ministry of Finance of Kaliningrad announced their intention to double the taxes for bookmakers in the region. Thus, the

Gambling business in Armenia. Interview with Aram Orbelyan.

Armenia is a relatively favorable country for gambling industry. Unlike Ukraine, where gambling is still banned, Armenia has been supported legal gambling