Poland - Superbet is the official sponsor of Odra Wodzisław

Superbet signed a sponsorship agreement with Odra Wodzisław on Friday (22/03/2019), under which the bookmaker’s logotype will be on the front of the club shirts from Wodzisław.

Superbet offers its services in Poland from the end of 2017. So far, the activity is limited to accepting bets at landbased shops, but very intensive work is underway to obtain licenses for bets offered via the Internet.

Last Friday, the operator signed a sponsoring contract with Odra Wodzisław, a well-known Silesian football club. In addition to the Superbet logo on players’ shirts, the brand will also be displayed on the bands around the pitch. Near the club stadium, a point is created where the Odra fans will be able to bet on matches.

SuperBet Odra Wodzisław

It’s the first of this type operation from a company originating in the Romanian market, but probably not the last. Intensive marketing activities are foreseen when the entity obtains a license to sell via the Internet.

The agreement with the Odra will be valid until the end of this year with the possibility of extension.

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