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Montenegro has 5 casinos located in five high category hotels. In the next text we will list all five companies developing casino businesses in Montenegro and we are going to present these hotels separately.The table above shows the casino companies in Montenegro, hotels where casinos are located and the revenues of these casinos in 2016.

Hotel Maestral 4 * is located on the Montenegrin coast, in a beautiful fishing village of Przno, near Budva. In the period from the opening (2004) until 2016, it was owned by the Slovenian company Hit Montenegro1. The hotel has 183 rooms, 22 apartments and 398 beds (Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism 2017). Since 2016 there has been a change of ownership and the former hotel Maestral 4 * has been reconstructed and given five stars.

Both the hotel and casinos, since their emergence until the present day, have been renowned for their high-quality offerings. The largest number of tourists who are also casino players, have come from Italy, and since the reopening in the middle of 2017, the Chinese make a significant share as well. Regardless of the fact that the hotel has been open for public since the middle of this year, the casino worked during the reconstruction of the hotel and we see from the previous table that it has achieved its best results during 2016.

Hotel Avala 4 * is also located on the Montenegrin coast in the center of Budva, which is the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism. The hotel has 181 rooms, 122 apartments and 664 beds (Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism 2017). Although under the same roof, the hotel and the casino are divided into two companies for easier financial monitoring. From 2016 to 2020, the company Casino Avala doo has signed a contract of cooperation with the well-known Turkish company Merit, which took over the management of the casino. With this respect, Avala Casino is represented under the name Merit Avala.

Casino Royal is located in the first Montenegrin 5 * hotel, Splendid. The Hotel and the casino are located on the beach of Becˇic ́i, one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, not far from Budva. The hotel has 322 rooms, 19 suites and 688 beds (Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism 2017). It is the first 5 * star hotel in Montenegro and one of the most exclusive in southeastern Europe. The casino of the hotel is owned by Jack Pot doo which, as well as Casino Avala doo, has concluded an agreement with Merit in 2016.

Within the Hotel Hilton 5 *, which is located in the heart of the capital, Podgorica, the hotel has 157 rooms, 23 suites, and 360 beds. Within the hotel is Casino Montenegro. Casino Montenegro, like the Royal Casino, is owned by Jack Pot doo, and since 2016 it is under the management of Merit.

Hotel Queen of Montenegro 4 * also has a casino owned by the company Jackpot doo. The Hotel and Casino are located near Hotel Splendid, i.e., the Becˇic ́i beach. The hotel has 222 rooms, 14 suites and 482 beds. The following table illustrates the equipment of casinos in Montenegro.

We see that this is a modest offer for the development of casino tourism in Montenegro compared to, for example, Perla (Nova Gorica, Slovenia), which owns 979 slot machines including electronic roulettes, 90 game tables, special open-air and private rooms (Casino Perla 2017).
The reinterpretation of anonymous interviews that we explained in detail in Methodology and Sample speaks of the modesty of current casino offerings in Montenegro.

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