Armenian PM is against slot machines

Though the gaming industry is growing in Armenia, the current Prime Minister Nikol Pashinián said slot machines installed and operating at filling gas stations are causing social problems in local village communities, and should simply be removed.

Pashinian admitted that gambling business is an important industry for Armenia economy, however slot machines often lead to problem gambling.

 «On the one hand, it promotes poverty,  on the other – problem gambling. We must pursue a kind of policy where we won’t encourage neither the first one nor the second, this is a very serious problem and people, families, fates and others are being affected. We will discuss openly, transparently, publicly, we will understand whose interests are more taken into account, whose not, where objective issues exist, we will exclude them and solve this problem, because this really is a serious problem, and people are alarming about this problem,” the PM said.

It is also worth mentioning that Armenia has raised the age limits for gamblers. Now only 21 year old players are allowed entering a casino. Learn more about gambling in Armenia from an exclusive E-Play interview with Aram Orbelyan.


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