Armenia to close all betting shops

Armenia’s acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has informed that bookmaker companies will be gradually closed in Armenia, where gambling is one of the major parts of the economy. According to Pashinyan’s statement made on October 24 in the parliament, the existing economic structure of Armenia is based on three industries: gambling, mining and agriculture. However, according to him, such a concept is not applicable to the new government and must be transformed.

The Prime Minister stated that the bookmaker offices in Armenia will be closed, but this process is planned to be carried out gradually. Pashinyan intends to limit the activity of bookmakers first, and then close the betting shops. In his opinion, an immediate closure would entail serious consequences, including a decline in prices in the real estate market.

The reason for this decision was the appeal of residents of Kapan town, who complained that local men spend a lot of time in betting shops, leaving large sums of money there. Pashinyan  said that the authorities should show the citizens of the country that money can be earned by their work, and not only by bets.

At the present moment there are about 300 offline betting shops operate in Armenia in addition to online betting providers.


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