Slovakia - The amendment to the Gaming Act, in force since January 1, 2017, has brought about fundamental changes.

Bratislava, January 4 (TASR) - Since the beginning of the new year, gambling in Slovakia is more regulated. Gaming machines and other gaming machines should definitely disappear from hospitality and similar devices. Breach of the law will result in fines for operators, warns the Ministry of Finance (MF) of the Slovak Republic.

The amendment to the Gaming Act, in force since January 1, 2017, has brought about fundamental changes. These include gaming machines, video games and carriages. From the beginning of the new year, slot machines, restaurants and hospitality should be removed and concentrated only on larger gaming.

“We have increased the number of gaming machines that can be in the games room from five to twelve pieces,” the State Secretary of the Slovak Republic Radko Kuruc said.

These measures have made the playing field more difficult, and the number of gambling operations has also been considerably reduced by the finance sector.

“The team has limited their availability and I believe that these steps will also lead to a decrease in the number of slot machines in Slovakia,” Kuruc said.

In case of a violation of the law, legal persons expect a fine from 3000 to 100,000 euros and a natural person from 2000 to 20,000 euros. Compliance with the law is carried out by the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic.

Constrained conditions are also in the field of online gambling, with the goal of limiting the availability of gambling games that are operated without granting or issuing the relevant license under Slovak law, and which are mainly offered by foreign companies on the Internet for keeping the state monopoly on online gambling.

Further changes are planned from the Ministry of Finance, which will start to apply from January next year. The game will be forbidden by persons registered in the so-called excluded persons register. They are people who receive help in material need, as well as people who live with them in the same household, but also people who have asked for exclusion themselves, about pathological players. It will also apply to college students who receive a social scholarship.


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