Barrière Casinos upgrade NOVOMATIC offer in leading French casinos

In recent months, the NOVOMATIC floor share at leading French casino group Groupe Barrière has seen a constant increase, with new cabinets and games being added to the existing offer on numerous gaming floors across the large casino estate. The distinguished French operator puts great emphasis on first-class customer experience; comprising service, ambience and equipment – and NOVOMATIC’s gaming technologies are a perfect match.

Groupe Barrière is a leading French casino operator with 33 sophisticated casinos, 18 luxury hotels, all of which are classed either four or five star, as well as 15 spas, three golf courses and two tennis clubs. The ‘Tables Barrière’ brand encompasses a whole world of culinary experiences in 120 establishments, one of which is the renowned Fouquet’s at the Paris Champs Elysees. Founded in 1912 Barrière is dedicated to offering high-end leisure and entertainment amenities based on more than a hundred years of tradition and shaped by three generations of visionary entrepreneurs. The brand has perfected operational excellence to serve its national and international clientèle with the highest of standards.

Located in iconic seaside and spa resorts, top tourist attract ions and major cities, the Barrière casinos are home to a total of more than 6,200 slot machines, more than 900 electronic table games (750 NOVOMATIC ETGs), and more than 250 live gaming tables. To maintain the highest standards in terms of gaming technology and innovation, Barrière relies on leading international OEMs – among them NOVOMATIC with whom the Group maintains long-standing business relations based on trust, premium product quality and excellent service. NOVOMATIC games and machines can be found throughout most of the Barrière casino estate.

In 2011, Barrière was the premier French casino operator to introduce NOVOMATIC ETGs – with the first NOVOMATIC electronic Roulette at the casino in Niederbronn. Today, the number one casino in Enghien-les-Bains offers a lavish NOVOMATIC ETG Roulette installation with 82 NOVOSTAR® SL 1.27 and EXECUTIVE SL™ 1.24 player stations connected to fully automated NOVO Multi-Roulette™ wheels. The Casino Barrière in Toulouse has even more player positions: This ETG installation comprises 90 terminals and is the biggest in mainland Europe. Another popular sight in the Barrière ETG areas is the elegant LOTUS Roulette™ island unit with six integrated player stations. One of these fully automated Roulette islands is presented at the Casino Barrière Sainte-Maxime’s live gaming area – with a beautiful view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Recently, NOVOMATIC equipment at Barrière has seen an increasing surge of upgrades. The latest cabinets have been installed with a variety of multi-game editions and single games – and recently, especially the NOVO LINE Novo Unity™ II ETG offer has been greatly expanded with 174 additional ETG terminals in the first quarter of 2019 only. Impressive NOVOMATIC ETG installations can be found in locations such as Enghien-les-Bains, Toulouse or Lille, to name only three.

Guests of Barrière Casinos find all the latest NOVOMATIC Curve cabinets like the PANTHERA™ Curve 1.43, V.I.P. Lounge™ Curve 1.43 and NOVOSTAR® V.I.P. Royal 2.65 with the market-specific NOVO LINE™ Interactive Concurve and Impera-Line™ HD ‘France’ multi-game editions or a broad choice of Standalone Progressive titles like Book of Ra™ - Mystic Fortunes, Goddess Rising™ and Treasures of Tut™ as well as the highly popular Asian theme Asian Fortunes™ and the gripping Voodoo Fortunes™.

These games ideally complement the growing range of NOVOMATIC curve cabinets featuring upright 4K UHD LED screens. In particular, the V.I.P. series of cabinets is a perfect fit for the Barrière approach to excellence and style. Their V.I.P. chairs position the guest in a perfect position for an intense experience of comfortable gaming thrills while large upright screens of 43″ and even 65“ diameter convey a powerful graphic game presentation: Maximum impact gaming in luxury style.

Multi-screen cabinets like the V.I.P. Lounge™ 2.32 and the luxurious NOVOSTAR® V.I.P. 3.50 are also a frequent sight across the casino estate – especially with lmpera-Line™ HD France 1, which offers a popular array of content for French players. Also Ainsworth A600® and A640® machines have found their way in the leading French casinos, with game content such as PACMA® Wild Edition and the Mega-Choice Treasure mix.

Fabrice Gerzé, Corporate Gaming Director Barrière, explained: “NOVOMATIC products are also very well installed in our three Swiss casinos in Montreux, Friborg and Courrendlin. Players especially appreciate the new V.I.P. Lounge™ cabinets for their comfort thanks to the armchair and the good screen resolution of the V.I.P. Lounge™ Curve 1.43. NOVOMATIC has rejuvenated the market of slot machines in particular through the diversity of new games like Voodoo Fortunes™, Viking and Dragon™, From Dusk Till Dawn™, MacGyver™…. This offer perfectly complements the ‘old’ pack including the Book of Ra™ and the classic fruit games.”

Lawrence Levy, outgoing VP of Global Sales NOVOMATIC, said: “We are very proud of the long-established relationship between Groupe Barrière and NOVOMATIC. Our strengthened partnership helps us to continue working to improve the casino experience in France. The success of Barrière and our close collaboration has allowed us to expand and develop our product range in line with their customers’ expectations and deliver compelling casino offerings throughout their impressive casino portfolio.”

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