A new casino opened in Minsk

Casino “Empire” opened in the five-star hotel “President” in Minsk on July 5. The casino is equipped with only 6 tables and 30 slot machines and primarily expects to attract hotel guests, as well as VIP players from its network of gaming machine halls with the same brand “Empire”.

In total, there are currently 12 casinos operating in Minsk. In the nearest future, the thirteenth casino named Vegas is about to be opened in the Renaissance Hotel.

According to the recent data (as for the end of March), 106 companies hold gambling business licenses (last year there were 109), 94 license holders actually operate (which is 6 companies more compared with the same period of the last year). There are 391 gambling establishments in Belarus, including 27 casinos, 176 gaming machine halls and 188 betting offices.




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