Belarus updates the rules for slot machine certification

Belarus has established the procedure for confirming compliance of slot machines.  According to the information published on the official legal website, confirmation of slot machine compliance will be carried out on a contractual basis by the Belarusian State Institute for Standardization and Certification (BelGISS) on request.

To confirm compliance, the applicant must submit to BelGISS a fully functional gaming machine with keys to all locks, as well as a copy of the technical passport of the specified machine.

The procedure for confirming compliance includes registering the application, signing an agreement for testing to confirm the compliance of the gaming machine model, installing security holographic stickers of BelGISS in case of positive results.

Confirmation of compliance (testing) includes the following procedures:

  • identification of the gaming machine, its blocks, units, media software;
  • checking the compliance of the functional and structural characteristics of the gaming machine with the model of this gaming machine, including its appearance, the established average percentage of cash winning, absence of nodes (blocks) not described in the gaming machine design;
  • checking the compliance of the slot machine software with the model of this slot machine included in the State Register of the models of gaming machines approved for use in the Republic of Belarus;
  • check integrity and authenticity of protective holographic BelGISS stickers (if applied)

If the results of the confirmation of conformity are positive, protective holographic stickers of BelGISS are applied to prevent unauthorized access to these elements.

New rules come into force on May 4, 2019.

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