Serbia - State Lottery Met Requirements for E-Trustmark Certificate

The State Lottery of Serbia (Državna Lutrija Srbije) met all the criteria for acquiring the E-Trustmark Certificate, the company has announced on their official website.

According to the press release, the online shop on the website has fulfilled all the qualification requirements to get the label which should establish the trust between the service provider and consumers. The E-Trustmark Certificate should improve the quality of the national online shops and, by establishing the trust between providers and consumers, stimulate electronic commerce both on the national and international markets. The certification of online shops is expected to have a positive impact on the economy of Serbia.

Although the state-owned company’s website offers Lotto Online, so far the online shop has not been certified for the compliance with the highest standards. The E-Trustmark certification complies with the concept of European Trustmarks (E-commerce, E-Trustmark and EMOTA European Trustmark).

Instead of visiting retail shops, Serbia players can now buy Lotto tickets online without worries about their data or transactions. Lotto draws are held twice a week.

The State Lottery of Serbia has also informed their players that the draws of the most popular game of chance Lotto will be broadcast on TV Prva as of February 2, 2018. The draws will take place at a regular time, Tuesdays and Fridays at 8 PM.

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