Belarus approved financial requirements for online casinos

Belarus has approved the requirements for the financial sufficiency of the operators of online casinos. According to the press service of the Council of Ministers, in accordance with Government Decree No. 139, from April 1, 2019, the operator of an online casino registered in Belarus must have 90 thousand basic values in the special account in the Belarusian bank (almost 2.3 million BYR or more than $ 1 million in equivalent). Requirements for online bookmakers are more friendly, betting operators should confirm they have a bank account with 20 thousand basic values (510 thousand BYR, or more than $ 235 thousand in equivalent).

In accordance with the document, a special account is a guaranteed fund intended for the timely transfer of winnings and taxes by the gambling operator.

As it was reported, online casinos are allowed in Belarus in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 305 of August 7, 2018. The decree comes into force on April 1. The turnover of the online casino for taxation purposes is controlled by a special computerized cash system (SKKS), which is under the control of the monitoring center.


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