Armenia toughens rules for gambling advertisers

A new bill proposing to limit advertising of gambling has been submitted to Armenian Parliament. Thus, control over casinos in Armenia will become stricter.

In particular, MPs want to regulate not only time and place of casino ads, but also the content of advertisements. Advertisers will be now allowed creating commercials displaying that gambling can provide a “sweet life,” that is, a permanent or guaranteed income.

Moreover, casino games cannot be advertised as a means for self-affirmation. Promoting gambling as a way for social or career success will be also prohibited.

The bill proposes to limit TV casino advertising in the period between 10 pm and 7 am. During all these hours, an advertisement for a single casino should not exceed three minutes in duration. As for online advertising, its banners on news sites should not exceed 20% of the site’s page.

Advertisers risk facing a fine of one million drams ( about $2 thousand dollars) for violation of these rules.


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