Montenegro - How to Acquire an Online Gaming Licence?

Online gaming has been legal in Montenegro since October, 2011, and the Games of Chance Administration, a gaming authority, started issuing online gaming licences in January, 2012.

To attract more investors, the Government of Montenegro made the procedure simple with minimum capital requirements imposed. Operators who get an online gaming licence in Montenegro can offer all forms of entertainment including slots, sports betting, Poker and other card games, live casino as well as other web-based games of chance. The only form of entertainment that is excluded is lottery.

An online gaming licence in Montenegro can be acquired only by a local company, so before operators can apply for it, they have to establish a company in Montenegro, register with tax authorities and open an account in a local bank. A licensing package costs are between €25,000 for the first year while the renewal of the licence costs €15,000. An income tax rate is 9%.

There are certain advantages of getting an online gaming licence in Montenegro and one of them is that is allows operators to cater to the international market. However, when it comes to players’ interests, some of these advantages can be perceived as disadvantages.

Because of not so strict requirements and an easy licensing procedure, a Montenegro online gaming licence is not highly rated in the industry and certain payment processors have recently stopped providing their services via gaming venues licensed in this country. That is one of the reasons you will not find a reputable online casino licensed by the Games of Chance Administration, a regulator with a website that does not offer any information on setting up an online gaming business in this Balkan country.

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