The receipt lottery took off in Lithuania

On November 28, at the initiative of the State Tax Inspectorate at the Ministry of Finance in Lithuania, the national receipt lottery was launched for the first time. The lottery is primarily aimed at combating the shadow economy and making residents aware of the important role they play in fair trade.

„This lottery is unique and differs from the others in that individual prizes are won in the remaining lotteries. We will all win in the national lottery. The more receipts will be registered, the more money there will be in the budget - and more funds can be allocated to education, health care and other sectors important for the inhabitants.

We organized a lottery to show residents that taking a receipt is to support honest entrepreneurs and fair competition between them. Just remembering this during shopping, at a restaurant or at a mechanic brings benefits not only to consumers, but also improves the functioning of the whole country - during a press conference organized at the Pod Hora bazaar, said Artūras Klerauskas, deputy head of the State Tax Inspection (PIP).”

As he further noted, the gray zone in Lithuania is one of the largest among the European Union countries.

„As experience of other countries shows, the receipt lottery is a simple, effective and quite cheap way to combat the gray zone. It is also a great way to educate society and strengthen its civic attitude” - said Klerauskas.

It is worth noting that not all receipts will participate in the lottery, but only those received for shopping at marketplaces and for services such as in hairdressers, collective catering establishments, car workshops, etc. Whereas receipts received in stores, retail chains, pharmacies or petrol stations can not be reported to the lottery. The State Tax Inspectorate claims that in the future it will be possible to involve other sectors of the economy in the lottery, but currently the focus is on the most problematic ones.

It is estimated that as a result of the lottery, it will be issued by 13 percent during the year more receipts than usual. According to the estimates of specialists, only in the case of the mass catering sector, it is reportedly possible to raise an additional 7 million euros for the budget.

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The lottery ticket will last a year. The prize fund provided by the PIP for each month is to amount to 13,000. euro. The total annual prize pool is 173 thousand euro. Every week you will be able to win 10 cash prizes worth 200 euros each and a month prize of 5,000 euros.

To take part in the lottery, you must purchase goods or services for a minimum of 1 euro, have a cash register receipt and register for the lottery via the website The weekly lottery can receive fiscal receipts received from Monday to Sunday.

You can submit any number of receipts to the lottery. It is true that one can only be reported once, regardless of the purchase amount. Participation in the lottery can take people from the age of 14. When registering a receipt, please indicate its type - goods bought at the marketplace or for services. Enter your telephone number, the receipt number, the date indicated on it and the unique number of the cash register. The receipt should be kept, as it will be needed in case of winning.

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