Slovakia Recommended to Review Licensing Fees

The Remote Gaming Association (RGA) has recommended the Slovak government to review the rules for online stoprts betting operators. RGA believes the new draft law may attract more international companies and promote successful development of Slovakian betting market. However, the cost of license, which is at least 10 times higher than those available in a number of other European markets, will deter many operators, because Slovakia is not the biggest European market.

The Association also criticizes Slovakia’s plans to delay the issue of  sports betting licences until a year after the rest of the market is deregulated. The draft law submitted by Slovakia to the European Commission last week provides for a one-year black-out period for online sports betting. Online gaming licences (casino and poker) will be made available upon the entry into force of the text, which is planned for January 2019, whereas online sports betting licences will only be made available a year later.

“We argue that this provision is discriminatory against European companies, is not based on sound public-policy objectives, and is effectively aimed to protect local sports betting licensees from competition.” Pierre Tournier (pictured), the RGA’s director of government relations, told

Despite some restrictions, the RGA welcomed Slovakia’s plans to regulate the market, inspired by European countries that have adopted new gambling regulations in recent years such as Denmark, Sweden, Romania and the Czech Republic.


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