Alexey Anisimov wins the first event of the Russian WPT

Poker player from St. Petersburg Alexey Anisimov won the opening tournament at the first World Poker Tour event in Russia. Alexey noted that he came to the final table with an intention to take first place.

When there are only five participants left in the game, poker players made a deal on the following conditions:

1.      Arman Utshemyan - 3501750 rubles

2.      Victor Yarilov - 3235330 rubles

3.      Alexander Krasuntsev - 2854250 rubles

4.      Alexey Anisimov - 2787750 rubles

5.      Vasily Tsapko - 2387700 rubles

In addition, 490 thousand rubles remained for the first place and 210 thousand rubles for the second. Thus, having won the event, Alexey Anisimov won a cash prize of 3277750 rubles, and Armand Atshemyan, who was in second place, received almost half a million more - 3711750 rubles.

In 2019, one of the official stages of the World Poker Tour was first held in Russia. Competitions are held from January 18 to 27 in the casino of Sochi. WPT Opener is one of the four key toutnamnet events. On the final day of the competition, the winners of the WPT DeepStacks, the High Rollers tournament and the Main Event will be announced. The total guaranteed prize fund of the event is 184.5 million rubles ($ 3 million).


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