Croatia - In Opatija black days have come, the casino in the Hotel Paris has been closed

The “black days” disappears in the center of the tourist town, but as announced by the new hotel owner Paris - this is a temporary solution, while in September this year does not begin a complete investment.

Good news from the heart of Opatija - new hotel owner Paris Zdravko Josić has taken possession of the property he bought from In Mar and as early as Friday, December 5th, a casinos with slot machines will be opened in the ex-café area. It’s actually about moving a casino that recently worked at the Imperial Hotel, where a complete reconstruction was in progress, so the down-dated tenant had to move out.

“I have been a gambler of happiness in Croatia since 1987, meaning for thirty years now, and in Opatija I’ve been doing for the last eighteen years, I am in hospitality and I hold casinos. I kept the casino at the Adriatic hotel, and the slot machine at the Palace Hotel, and until recently I had a casino in the Imperial hotel and wine bar Stephanie. As is well known, I was a leaser at all locations, and after Liburnia Riviera Hotels broke the Imperial Space Lease Agreement, I decided to start the next job in my own space. What I promised, I’m starting to realize it now, and to begin with, I can finally say that I will soon start business in my own space” - said Zdravko Josić

with whom we discussed inside the hotel Paris, more precisely in the space of a very popular cafe where “Time to stay.”

Replacement and refinement

The full range of cafes, terraces, and staircases at the entrance to Paris’s ex Hotel Coffee Shop, is hastily cleaned, refurbished and refined, numerous workers are on the field and are working without a break, and since works are in addition to the inside of future casinos where the hidden public eye , now visible to everyone who goes through the hotel in the center of the city - many are pleased to notice: a reconstruction of the Paris hotel has begun, which for more than a decade is unfortunately the “dark zone” in the center of the tourist town.

- Selimo completes all the contents from the previous Casinos at the Imperial Hotel in Paris and can announce that the opening will be on this Friday night. From opening onwards, we will work every day from 0 to 24 hours. This space is a lot bigger than the previous one and we’ll be doing it until September this year when we will begin a serious reconstruction of all the content and we will be able to say that the detailed renovation of the Paris hotel began. We expect the renovated Hotel Paris to open on May 1, 2019. What we promised, we’ll stick to that. There will be two garage floors, a casino, a restaurant, a spa center, a wellness center, a congress hall, a new accommodation unit, among other things … There is currently ongoing documentation and design work, and we expect to receive a building permit in March. Some less preparatory work will be done before the season, but the main ones will start when the summer of 2018 ends - said yesterday Josic, while he hurriedly led the action of reviving the burning space of the cafe.

Café and restaurant

In order for the casinos to move from one hotel to another, it was necessary to obtain work documents, but also to do some of the very high-quality work, but for the last ten years it was out of use, so “dressing” and “make-up” necessary.

Casino Adriatic then moved from Hotel Imperial to Paris, but it should be said that this is a temporary solution, since when it comes to reconstruction and construction of new contents, this centrally located hotel has a café and a restaurant and a beautiful terrace with all amenities which will serve to be just in the function of cafes and restaurants.


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