Belarus prepares new set of requirements for online casinos

The Ministry of Taxes and Duties of Belarus approved the new instruction procedure for organizing and conducting gambling activities. The corresponding order of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection has been published on Wednesday.

The order sets new requirements for the rules of gambling. Earlier there were 19 points in the rules, and now there will be 24 requirements after the order enters into force.

Additional instructions are linked to online gambling. So, now the operators are required to prescribe in its rules the procedure for identifying a visitor of an online gambling establishment, as well as its authentication.

Online casinos should also specify the conditions for bonuses, if there any. It is also necessary to specify the money back procedure when the organizers block repeated game accounts.

Gambling operators will have three months to adjust to the new requirements. The Resolution of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties comes into effect on April 1, 2019. Thus, all online casinos and other virtual gambling establishments will have to begin to take into account new legislative requirements by July 1.


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