Slovenia - Legislature rejects online sports betting bill

The legislature’s upper chamber has rejected the measure that would allow operators to apply for online sports betting licences.Tuesday saw the National Council vote 18-12 in favour of a suspensory veto of the bill that would allow operators to apply for online sports betting licences in Slovenia. In order to be approved, the bill needs a second vote in the National Assembly.

The suspensory veto on the amendment to the gambling law was supported by state councillors. Boris Šuštaršič, a member of the National Council, believes that the liberalisation of the sports betting market organised by the Sports Lottery of Slovenia would have a negative impact on the financing of disability, humanitarian and sports organisations from concession duties.

State councilors sent a new law to parliament for a new decision. The National Assembly will have to decide on the statutory texts again at one of the extraordinary sessions, and a confirmation of them will require at least 46 parliamentary votes.

Last week, a chamber of the Assembly had voted 35-26 in favour of the bill that supports European Economic Community-based operators to apply for online sports betting licenses. The current regime in the country only allows Športna Loterija to offer sports betting services.

The bill introduced by MP Branko Zorman in January is seeking to raise additional funds for national sports and humanitarian organisations. While Zorman is a member of the coalition Modern Center Party (SMC), which currently governs the European territory, the party never got to approve the bill.

The bill establishes that online sports betting licenses would need to pay €500k, while the annual share of revenue that the government receives would increase from €3.5 million to €13 million.

Source: Focus

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