APEX gaming installed its slots in Georgian casino

CLOVER LINK from APEX gaming continues to break new boundaries. Pascha Global Casino in Batumi (also known as Medea Casino) has installed the CLOVER LINK BIG ISLAND in the centre of its very busy casino.

This BIG ISLAND consists of 8 Pinnacle Premium Curved slots, each with three 27” screens. The design concept has contributed to the success of CLOVER LINK as the large overhead display gives clear information on the current jackpot status and can be seen from near and far. This is a contributing factor why players feel drawn to CLOVER LINK.

“Our customers get so much entertainment value from CLOVER LINK. We now offer this as a Multi Game and players have four games to choose from. Casino management here is delighted to have this”, commented Georgi Lungolov, International Sales Manager, at APEX gaming.

“This is very true”, added Mr. Alp Karakoyun, Slot Manager at Pasha Global Casino Batumi. “We appreciate how future-oriented the APEX gaming team is. The vast majority of our customers are drawn to the CLOVER LINK game. Nevertheless, we are seeing that a number of our customers appreciate the Multi Game variety and enjoy the other three games as well. This gives us even more value for our money.”

CLOVER LINK is the jackpot game everyone is talking about in the global casino industry. The number of new customers is still sharply rising as Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director for APEX gaming confirmed, “We are truly taking gaming to the next level. Demand for CLOVER LINK is fantastic and we are being kept extremely busy in our production department. Coming back to Pasha Global Casino, we are very proud that our BIG ISLAND has been installed here. Alp has given us excellent feedback – of which we are very proud”.


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