Why visit Montenegro now?

Montenegro is located in the Balkans on the Adriatic sea approximately 500 kilometers from Rome, 1.500 kilometers from Paris and Berlin and about 2.000 kilometers from Moscow.

The Montenegro Casino is also famous because it was featured in the James Bond movie, Casino Royale, where Bond plays a high stakes poker game. The movie helped increase popularity to gambling at casinos, and at online gaming rooms like which gives players all the same games that land based gambling does.

The amount of casinos in Montenegro is limited, as you can see only few casinos are there. But did you know that you can play more then 500 international online casinos? They may be a little less fun but with a live casino you can get real close to the feeling. A solution for those days you can’t find a spot in the offline casino.

The Queen of Montengro (Becici) and Maestral Resort and Casino (Prznoe) are two of the most famous and popular casinos in Montenegro. Besides the luxury casino resorts, you will also find around 100 slot halls that cater to slot machine enthusiasts. It might be interesting to note that under the Law on Tax on Games of Chance and Entertainment Games, these slot machines are taxed at around EUR 20 per terminal.

E-Gambling Montenegro provide location for games of chance land based in „Players Club”, Podgorica, and organize and operate online gambling websites on several platforms, in cooperation with partners for all kind of games, under the Montenegrin jurisdiction.

E-Gambling Montenegro collaborate with partners in the international online gambling market in order to be part of an integrated solution offer, that aims to provide client specific solutions. In this partnership you can obtain services that include taking care of all formalities and administration by eliminating the risks occurring if you would do it yourself.

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