Poland - How to play Lotto online

Until recently, to play Lotto, one had to leave the house and go to a nearby collection point. However, this situation has changed dramatically because Lotto via Internet is now available.

Totalizator Sportowy has just announced the sale of Eurojackpot, Mini Lotto, Lotto Plus and Lotto via Internet. This is a huge novelty that is part of the current development trend of Totalizator Sportowy.

Payments for the bets could not have been paid in a different way than using cash, and the possibility of card payments in the collection points was made relatively recent. Now we can buy bets also via the website, and soon also using the app for Android and iOS.

Lotto bets can be purchased after registering an account on the official website, there are also any information related to it. Totalizator reported that one of the new options, available only online, is a betting subscription. This means that the player can deposit a certain sum of money and until it is exhausted or the subscription is turned off, the system will automatically buy Lotto bets (also ‘hit-or-miss’ type bets) for the next draws.

Lotto ensures that it accepts all commonly available secure forms of payment via Internet. Bets can also be purchased through a mobile app.

Lotto online - how to register?

To play Lotto online, you must register on the website using the button at the top of the page.

In the first step you need to enter your e-mail address, phone number, password and PIN number.

Then, complete your exact details, including the address, PESEL number, ID card number and bank account number.

When registering, it is possible to set limits on amounts and time, so that online betting does not absorb too many funds.

At the end of the registration, Totalizator Sportowy also ascertains where the user’s money comes from and whether he is by no means a politician or his family.

It is also necessary to pass the process of additional verification, which consists in clicking on the link sent to the previously provided e-mail address and sending a scan of the ID card using the form on the player’s account. Otherwise, the account will be automatically deleted. The image of the ID card should be of good quality, allowing the data to be read. After verification of age and identity, it will be removed from the Totalizator Sportowy database.

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