Armenia updates gambling age rules

From now on gamblers under 21 years of age are banned from entering a casino. The amendment has been adopted back in September 2014, but so far there was no provision that clearly described the procedure for checking the age of visitors of gambling establishments.

In July 2018 the Minister of Finance of Armenia Atom Janjugazyan signed an order and regulatory documents obliging to check the players’ passport or other identity document. Now these rules have come into force. Armenian casinos will be fined 300 thousand drams (about 500 EUR) if the gambling age rule is not followed.

The Armenian authorities systematically tighten legislation related to online and offline gambling. Currently, Armenian Ministry of Finance is considering the possibility of restricting the activities of foreign online casinos and a partial ban on advertising of casinos on the streets of cities and in the mass media. At the same time, the government does not plan to revise the profit tax on gambling, now it is 20%.


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