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Armenia’s sportsbook and platform provider Digitain has announced its ambitious plans to support gaming and tech startups across the Caucuses. Announced during this year’s World Congress on Information Technologies (WCIT) currently taking place in Armenia, Digitian unveiled its scale model the project’s HQ; a custom-built complex located in Yerevan. The complex, set to be
With the growth of esports audience over the past few years and the rise of this new market, BetConstruct is set to deliver a complete esports betting offering. Games like Dota2, Counter Strike:GO and League of Legends are catching up with sports betting in popularity with loyal fanbases, regional and international competitions and prize pools […]
A new bill proposing to limit advertising of gambling has been submitted to Armenian Parliament. Thus, control over casinos in Armenia will become stricter. In particular, MPs want to regulate not only time and place of casino ads, but also the content of advertisements. Advertisers will be now allowed creating commercials displaying that gambling can […]
BetConstruct has introduced two new online games, Farkle and Keno, to attract higher revenues for its growing number of partner operators. The gaming suite of BetConstruct contains a huge number of world-famous games alongside the region specific entertainments. Our Keno is backed with unique and interesting features. For an added player engagement, we provide multiple
Armenian authorities voted for the bill, which provides for the moving all gambling venues to special zones. If the parliament supports the bill it will enter into force. According to the adopted amendments to the new gambling legislation, gambling will be banned in public places. It is also proposed to block access to online casinos […]
Vice Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan has recently introduced a bill that would amend the Armenian gambling law. The MP is trying to limit bookmaking in the country. “These will limit the activities of betting  shops in Armenia, and gambling through the well-known devices at gas stations and different public locations will be banned,” said […]