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  • Capital City: Budapest
  • Area: 93,030 km2
  • Population: 9,797,561 (01.01.2017)
  • Largest cities: Budapest, Erd, Miskolc, Kecskemet, Debrecen, Gyor, Szeged, Szekesfehervar

Current gambling regulations

1991. évi XXXIV. Törvény a szerencsejáték szervezéséről (Act XXXIV of 1991 on Gambling Operations)

Main assumptions:

  • There are two requirements to provide a gambling service under Hungarian law:
  1. A valid concession. The Hungarian State has the exclusive right to provide gambling services, which it can temporarily assign to another party under a concession agreement.
  2. A licence issued by the National Tax and Customs Administration, which it will only grant if the provider has a valid concession.
  • The same licensing regime applies to online gambling as for land-based gambling. There is no formal infringement procedure in place in connection with the legality of the Hungarian gambling law at EU level.
  • Casino games can be offered through communications equipment and network by non-state owned operators. If an operator agrees with another casino operator that legally operates online, the online casino games or card games can be linked as a single jackpot bank system/single card game system. A Hungarian gaming operator may link up with the jackpot bank system/card game system of a foreign operator only if the foreign operator is a licensed operator under its national law.
  • There is no special regulation on mobile gambling and interactive gambling on television.
  • Amendments to the Hungarian gambling law came into force on October 1, 2015 and restricted the offering of sports betting to the state monopoly operator Szerencsejáték Zrt, the offering of online horse race betting to state monopoly operator Magyar Lóversenyfogadást-Szervező Kft and the offering of online casino games to land-based casino concessionaires.


Nemzeti Adoes Vamhivatal - National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (Gambling Supervisory Department)