Slovakia strikes 100 illegal gambling dens down

Tax officers raided over 100 gaming facilities between June 28th-29th and seized 75 gambling units and five quiz machines.

The Slovakian government recently passed the new gambling law and, as it took effect earlier this year, tax officers were ready to conduct 100 raids and shut down illegal facilities. The authorities seized 75 gambling units, five quiz machines and accounting books of four companies which are believed to have been operating the quiz machines for gambling

“In some facilities, the gambling machine was turned off during the investigation, while in the others there were missing internet connections and power supplies,” - chief of the Financial Administration’s criminal department Ľudovít Makó said to local news outlet The Slovak Spectator.

A tip saying that quiz machines were being used to gamble by multiple operators, received at the Financial Administration, triggered the busts. It had been reported that players under 18 years old were able to access these quiz machines, Makó said.

The illegal material was brought to the Technical Testing Institute for in order to determine whether the quiz machines were used for gambling or not. In addition, taxmen will look into the operators’ financial documents to determine whether they had been paying the right taxes.

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