Poland - iLOTTO starts in November

Totalizator Sportowy is set to launch the sale of Lotto games via Internet and their mobile app this November.

For now, the press office of Totalizator Sportowy does not reveal more details, but ensures that it will soon provide additional information on the functioning of the iLOTTO platform.

ilottoThis is definitely good information for users who thanks to iLOTTO will be able to play without leaving home. What’s more, it will allow the company to reach potential customers who either do not use their services because they do not have a place from which to play, or it is just a waste of time to visit the collection office for them. Sending a coupon from your smartphone will be more tempting than going to the facility. We look forward to more information about the iLOTTO platform, especially since technological solutions enabling its operation have been available for a long time.

ILOTTO platform in November. And what about non-cash payments in the collection offices?

The iLOTTO application and platform are not the only novelties the TS works on. The network of non-cash payments in collection offices is still to be expanded.

    When it comes to non-cash payments, from February this year our clients have the option of card payments and through all applications (over 870 total) Lotto shops. You can also pay without cash at over 400 points of such retail chains as: Inmedio, LTR, Relay, Szorti or Totolotek as well as at the Carrefour super and hypermarkets. Implementation in subsequent networks is planned for the Q4 of 2018

- Aida Bella explains to us, currently a press spokeswoman for Totalizator Sportowy, and once a bronze medalist of the European Championship 2013 in short track (speed skating).

Works are also underway to integrate the payment terminal with the Lotto sales system - thanks to this, you will also be able pay without cash at individual TS partners facilities. This regards to entrepreneurs who run their own retail and service shops. There will be over 10,000 such points in Poland, and for the time being cash remains the only payment option for Lotto games in such branches. From 2019, it is planned to gradually implement integrated payment terminals for this type of collections.

    Due to the very extensive sales network (over 17,000 points), which is dispersed, the completion of the implementation of non-cash payments at all LOTTO points is planned until the end of 2020

- Aida Bella adds.

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