Efbet gives 100% endorsement to CasinoFlex Systems

Leading Bulgarian operator makes use of CasinoFlex Systems in all their gaming establishments. Efbet is a major gaming operator – the biggest in Bulgaria with over 1,500 employees. Efbet operates 43 gaming locations in Bulgaria, the next is to open shortly. Furthermore, Efbet is also active in neighbouring Romania.

Efbet is a major target for Casino Management Systems and the major companies touted for this business. Yet Efbet decided for a smaller systems company in the industry, a company that is still relatively new. This company is called CasinoFlex Sytems.

Efbet was founded in 1991 and the management team has considerable experience of the gaming market. Asked to give a concise explanation of the company’s success, the company management at Efbet clarified, “We are trying 24/7 to provide our customers with the best service, the newest technologies in the gambling business, a great variety of gambling equipment, a comfortable atmosphere, an innovative strategy of bonusing, promotional campaigns and many more benefits”.

The management team has a very clear focus on how to provide leading gaming entertainment to its customers. This naturally includes the casino management system – and what it is expected to do.

The Efbet management continued, “The Casino Management System is very important for every single casino operator. And for larger operators the need for a reliable, flexible system with the reach of individual tools becomes a MUST. So we have a lot of options to manage our business, to promote the customers, to analyse the gaming floor results. CasinoFlex Systems was the only systems company that was in the position to develop a system to match our 100% of our requirements. They understood exactly what we required and developed our system quickly and securely. Naturally we first introduced this just to one venue at the beginning – the results were excellent. Today we make use of CasinoFlex Systems in all our venues – we are very pleased with the cooperation with this company”.

“We are very thankful to the management team at Efbet”, noted Tim Klok, Managing Director at CasinoFlex Systems International. “They were open to give us a chance – Efbet became our first major customer and showed us the difference we really make, so gave us the motivation to serve the industry with systems on a global basis. We saw that the market for systems at that time could not resolve the requirements that Efbet demanded. We understood exactly what they required and made a clear statement that we were prepared to develop a system around their needs. We are proud that Efbet makes 100% use of our system. It shows to the industry that we can make that difference and create a system to each operator’s individual needs”.


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