UNL closes one of its most popular lottery brands

Ukrainian National Lottery (UNL) announced that it stops the distribution of the state cash instant lottery “KOSMOLOT”. This is reported by the press service of the UNL.

“All accepted payments for participating in the state cash instant lottery” KOSMOLOT “after 23:59:59 hours on July 5, 2019 will be considered illegal and violate the requirements of the Law on State Lotteries in Ukraine and the Law on the Prohibition of the Gambling in Ukraine “, – the message says.

The last day of validity of certificates issued by the enterprise” Ukrainian National Lottery “for the distribution of the state cash instant lottery “KOSMOLOT “is July 5, 2019.

“Starting from July 6, 2019, contracts for the assignment and re-assignment for the distribution of the state cash instant lottery” KOSMOLOT “are terminated, – underlined in the Ukrainian national lottery.

UNL warns not to buy or place bets via the lottery “COSMOLOT” both at land distribution points, and on the Internet site cosmolot.com.ua.

Kosmolot is one of the most popular lottery brands is Ukraine. There is a wide network of lottery shops branded as Kosmolot. The network uses electronic lottery terminals and software similar to slot machines. According to epravda.com.ua, online business “Kosmolot” (kosmolot.com.ua) is managed by owners of the IT company Lucky Labs. At the same time, the land based “Kosmolot” lottery points are managed by the “BOS” network.


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