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On October 6 the meeting of the Presidential Council for the Development of Sports took place. Oleg Kozhemyako, the head of the working group preparing the meeting, and Anton Siluanov, Minister of Finance of Russia, spoke at it. They proposed to increase at least 2 times the amount of payments bookmakers should pay for the […]
Betting Business Russia published traffic statistics for popular sports betting sites in Russia.  The most popular betting websites among Russian Internet users  in 2019 were identified with the help of SimilarWeb. The number of online sports betting companies has continued to increase in 2019. In January, there were 16 bookmakers, and in the middle of […]
According to the Bookmaker Ratings’ sources, A&NN investment company, owned by Rambler Group owner Alexander Mamut, is selling its bookmaker license used for Digital Betting LLC (bwin bookmaker). Bwin in Russia operates as a joint venture established in 2015 between GVC and Russian investment firm A&NN Investments. The Bwin.ru website was launched in the fall […]
RBC Market Research has published an updated ranking of legal Russian bookmakers. The national rating of bookmakers is an independent survey of the bookmaking industry in Russia. The study is carried out once a quarter according to a special methodology. The ranking is published in the public domain, and thereby ensures complete transparency of the […]