Ukrainian entered the Top-10 ranking of the world’s best online poker players

Roman Romanovsky has become the winner of the main event of the online series XL Eclipse with $ 187,000 prize.  Thus Roman has improved his own position in the Pocket Five ranking of the best online players on the planet.

This success allowed him to return to the top 10 most successful players according to the authoritative site Pocket Fives, which takes into account the results in online tournaments. Now RomeoPro takes the fifth place. By the way, Ukraine is also included into the top 10 list in the ranking of countries according to the Poker Fives. The ranking is headed by Great Britain, Sweden and Russia. The ranking of the most successful countries is formed on the basis of the results of the top 20 players from each country.

Roman’s also included into the Online Poker All-Time Earnings Leaderboard

UsernameEarnings# of CashesBiggest CashAverage Cash 
1moorman1  UK$15,364,960.2610,824$235,592.00$1,419.53
2lena900  Sweden$12,295,738.956,223$430,047.10$1,975.85
3p0cket00  Canada$12,046,811.088,582$106,210.00$1,403.73
4Greenstone25 Sweden$11,702,393.817,733$158,815.65$1,513.31
5Big Huni Costa Rica$11,677,436.386,758$618,943.63$1,727.94
6PokerKaiser  Chile$11,625,942.5511,148$211,060.00$1,042.87
7bparis  The Netherlands$11,291,557.6915,222$111,792.00$741.79
8C Darwin2 Sweden$10,789,975.624,495$267,406.84$2,400.44
9Gettin Daize Costa Rica$10,706,418.5111,754$285,310.93$910.87
10Romeopro Ukraine$10,599,798.899,072$442,299.25$1,168.41

Roman Romanovsky has already won more than $ 10 million online and almost half a million dollars in live tournaments. It is known that Roman gives a considerable part of his prize money to charity. Throughout his career, he repeatedly arranged charitable poker marathons, giving away up to 60% of the profit.

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