Poland - The Treasury companies want to collect more together

Cooperation with other Treasury companies in the case of Totalizator Sportowy looks very interesting. In the annual report on the social responsibility of this company, its representatives emphasize that they cooperate in the vast majority with Polish entities.

Most of them are Treasury companies, and have been for years. It is worth mentioning such companies as Poczta Polska, PKN Orlen or Grupa Lotos. A large part of TS sales outlets, colloquially known as collectors, works in cooperation with these State Treasury companies. And because the number of Totalizator Sportowy outlets is constantly growing - in 2004 it was less than 10,000, in 2012 - already 13.2 thousand, at the end of 2016 - about 16.4 thousand, and now - Almost 17 thousand - the network operating in cooperation with Polish fuel companies is also growing.

Totalizator had been underlining the tightening of cooperation with state-owned companies for a long time. In this context, TS pointed not only - the above-mentioned companies of PKN Orlen and Grupa Lotos - but also Polski Holding Nieruchomości (PHN), PZU, Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ), or Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych (PWPW). Especially cooperation with the last two entities seems interesting.

Last spring, Totalizator Sportowy announced that for the preparation and delivery of gaming machines, to which the company must buy in connection with the amendment to the Gambling Act, PWPW and Exatel and Wojskowe Zakłady Łączności no.1 in Zegrze area (which in turn belong to PGZ) will be responsible.

Totalizator Sportowy decided to cooperate with the arms factories after several months of analysis regarding the desirability of the production of the Polish gaming machine. The conclusions were uplifting. It turned out that the benefits of the project will affect both the state budget and the company itself. TS representatives revealed that the cost of the project, which is written for the next few years, will amount to approx. PLN 1 billion, which is several times less than was speculated on the market. The company also assured that it has the necessary financial resources for this purpose and will not need additional state support.

The representatives of the second party were also waiting for such cooperation. Grzegorz Banecki, the president of the Zgierz plants, assured that they have adequate resources and infrastructure to stand at the level of the entrusted task. And it’s not only about creating the machines themselves, but also preparing software for them.

Cybersecurity as a cooperation opportunity

Cooperation with Totalizator Sportowy is also very interesting for Exatel. Its president, Nikodem Bończa Tomaszewski, emphasized that the entity operates, among others, in the area of cybersecurity and data processing, and in accordance with the provisions in the strategy is the national network operator.

Therefore, it can be assumed that cooperation with TS on the design of Polish gaming machines will be beneficial also for companies belonging to Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa and for Exatel.

Let us add that the effect of the project will be, among others, reduction of the black area of gambling in Poland (the value of which is still counted in billions of PLN). It includes tens of thousands illegal so-called gaming machines with low prizes or bookmakers operating without the appropriate permits. Investments will translate, of course, into the financial results of Totalizator Sportowy itself. Its sales, and thus also the amount of taxes paid, increase each year. In 2016 - this is the official recent data - revenues from the primary activity of TS (including subsidies) amounted to almost PLN 5.575 billion, or nearly 6%, more than a year earlier (when the result reached PLN 5.275 billion). This means that due to the tax on games, other taxes and subsidies, Totalizator paid more than PLN 2 billion to the tax office.

The sums that the company will support Polish sport with (77% of the amount of subsidies for number games and lotteries), culture (20% of subsidies) and health (3% of subsidies) will also be growing.

Let’s also remind that beneficiaries using TS money, or indirectly Poles playing number games, include Physical Culture Development Fund, Cultural Promotion Fund or Gambling Solutions Fund. Only in 2017, the sum of subsidies is over PLN 985 million, including over PLN 774 million for sport, and over PLN 197 million on culture.

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