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Once again, E-PLAY Magazine appeared, this time dedicated to casinos as a place for gambling. The history of casinos creation, the best of them are presented here, we are leaning over the “Polish hell” and we present the story of Benny “Bugsy” Siegel as the precursor of casinos in the USA.

This issue of the Magazine is devoted to casinos in order to make people aware of gambling, how long and how precisely this business is carried out with a tangible result for the organizers as well as regulators who allow them to conduct after fulfilling many conditions.

We would like to remind you in this issue how important it is to follow the long-term experience of previous owners so that the income from the proceeds would be greater.

We also present what system solutions should be used in the era of developed technology and what kind of gaming devices should be used to follow global standards.

Interesting topics and articles are presented, in which each of the readers will find something interesting for themselves. In the latest Magazine we show profiles of the best casino solutions providers and also describe forgotten pusher type machines.

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