AXES Network will be the supplier of network management system for Totalizator Sportowy

The Canadian company AXES Network is a global provider of cloud technology in the field of information management, offering management solutions and specialized applications for the industry of casinos and arcades around the world.

AXES products, solutions and applications are designed to improve security and integrity in the field of data collection and management, while offering tools that increase operational and organizational efficiency. The company supports government monopolists, casino network operators and slot game salons, manufacturers of gaming machines and AWP operators in over 20 countries.

Thanks to IoT devices sending data from over 40 countries, AXES uses billions of data obtained from players, machines in real time to create a reliable information package allowing to increase revenues and the involvement of players.

The AXES platform offers native applications and solutions such as: jackpot system, loyalty system, reward generation but in particular non-cash and accounting operations necessary to improve network efficiency and customer profitability. The advantage of the AXES system is simple: you can connect to any type, number of machines at any time and location.

Installed directly in each gaming machine, BlackBox safely and automatically collects, stores and communicates data. This guarantees the availability of the most important information for effective operational management.

The AXES Information Management System (AIMS) is a cloud-based solution for managing all aspects of the game. AIMS performs analysis of players, can conduct marketing work, tracks all operations, ensures security and reporting to units with access and all other requirements regarding the performance of financial and accounting operations.

AXES Smart Card Cashless System is a chip-based transaction system that streamlines cash management in casinos and arcades, used in the Merkur Group machines currently in operation at Totalizator Sportowy in the newly opened slot game salons.

The main advantages of this System are:
• increasing revenue from non-cash transactions
• eliminating printers and hoppers in machines
• eliminating potential frauds and thefts by players
• record of the full history of each individual transaction on gaming machines
• running a faster game with a smaller break for new deal,
• facilitating the transfer of players from one machine to another and the ability to play in any salon of the network without the need to re-counting or billing

The introduction of the AXES Smart Card system will make it easier for players to handle, it will not be so important to have a player card but its presence in the System, which will check each one of the present identification. It is an ideal solution for our monopolist, assuming servicing over 1,000 salons across Poland, the AXES system will enable reliable functioning and reporting in real time both to the operator’s office, to the supervising Department on behalf of the Ministry of Finance and to every gaming point.

AXES Network is a company existing for 8 years, serving many companies from over 40 countries, including government institutions. It has offices in Canada and Asia and branches in some countries where operations are carried out. Owner and CEO of AXES Network Solution Inc. based in Canada is Earle G. Hall, a visionary and creator of an idea based on the management of a cloud based machine network.

Owner and CEO of AXES Network Solution Inc. Earle G. Hall

In February 2018 a contract was signed with the German GeWeTe GMBH, a subsidiary of the Gauselmann Group, which has over 60,000 gaming machines in operation around the world, including about 120 casinos. The system is already implemented and has a very good opinion issued by one of the largest gaming machines operators in the world. After signing the contract with the German company and implementing the connection of devices with the System, Earle Hall was very impressed with the engineering product and scope of integration offered by GeWeTe GmbH, adding that the process was a spectacular success. He noted, however, that -

“Automating the game machine saves time and money, and drastically reduces the risk of theft and violence.”

At present, the AXES system in our slot games salons is just being checked, and there is still a long way to draw any conclusions or evaluate the current reality. When Totalizator Sportowy launches a pilot package of 1,200 gaming machines in 50 salons, there will be something more to say about such a solution. The assessment of such solution is not known in a situation where, until now, it has not been practiced in salons or gaming machines located in bars. And it should be remembered that it is mainly these types of players that will be the customers of new salons.

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