Poland - Four companies are fighting for a casino in Opole

All companies that are applying for a license to open a casino in Opole have their headquarters in Warsaw. Only one license will be granted, as only one casino can operate under the Opole rules.

The Gambling Act clearly states that in cities with up to 250,000 citizens only one casino can operate. Ultimately, the concession is granted by the Ministry of Finance, but one of the conditions is the consent of the city council to locate the casino at a specific address. In Opole, the casino has been operating at Krakowska 26a street and just four companies are trying to obtain a license to run a casino here.

If the councilors give positive opinion to these four applications, the ministry will ultimately choose the winner. That will probably happen, because in practice, you only need to get a city council permission to open a casino at a specific address.
One of the companies applying for a license is ZPR SA, which currently operates a casino in Opole. In the whole country the company has a network of 22 such casinos and employs about 1 thousand employees.

The applications were also submitted by CASINO Sp. z o.o., which already has 11 casinos in Poland, and two other Warsaw companies: MEDELLA SA and Bookmacher Sp. z o.o.

Councilors will take this matter into consideration on the session of December 27th.

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